Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Check it out, some jewelery company (that should probably go out of business now) teamed up with Stephanie Meyer to create a real life version of the engagement ring Edward gave Bella in Eclipse.


I mean...I don't hate the idea. If I owned a jewelery company this could potentially bring in lots of dough because there are tons of tweens in the world who would actually waste their parents' money on this.

But here's where this whole plan goes sour:
1. The ring is UGLY. 


If I wanted a roly poly on my finger I'd go dig in the dirt like I did when I was 8.

2. They are actually pitching this as a REAL engagement ring. FOR $2000. COME ON. $2000 for a diamond roly poly. No thank you. I could get this from a gumball machine for a quarter. 

* There's also a $40 dollar version that looks exactly like the $2000 version. Really? Just really?

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