Saturday, October 3, 2009

28 Days!

So in celebration of the upcoming holiday (aka: BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR) I'm going to do a special countdown. And each day there will be a new Halloweener costume idea if you're feeling uninspired.

And because I've missed the first 2 countdown days....this post will have THREE costume ideas:

30 Days to Halloween: Madonna in her quintessential outfit.


How to: 1. Get a bra, corset or bathing suit top.
2. Get some cardstock paper or plastic sheets would work even better (you can get those at art stores).
3. Fold the sheets into cones...the pointier, the BETTER.
4. Attach the cones onto the top via staples or glue or velcro or something that bonds stuff together. Whatever resources you can get your hands on.
5. For some extra ZAZZ get some of those "Paris Hilton" cell phone jewels and bedazzle the crap out of your Madonna top. Or glitter. Or glue some sequins. Get a stencil and graffiti some patterns. Any kind of decorating will work.
6. Any kind of tight bottom will work. Materials such as Lame, nylon, spandex, or vinyl are preferable though.

This isn't actually Madonna but that cone top is FIERCE.

29 Days to Halloween: Richard Simmons


The thought of acting like Richard Simmons for a night appeals to me.
....I might be the only one BUT HEY...just saying.
If you're going to be running around all night might as well be comfortable, Y/Y?

28 Days to Halloween: Construction Worker


Construction workers don't have to be frumpy!
I mean, look at these construction workers WERQ IT.

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