Sunday, October 4, 2009

27 Days

Costume Idea of the day: Alexander DeLarge and his Droogs


I have this recent fascination/obsession with Stanley Kubrick, BEGINNING with A Clockwork Orange because I think the movie is brilliant. These guys are iconic and it's a relatively simple costume. But more than anything check out A Clockwork Orange, it's really a good movie....and book I hear.

Materials Needed:
- Bowler Hats (black)
- Black Combat Boots
- White button up shirt
- White baggy pants
- White suspenders
- OFF-White nut protector diaper thing
- Depending on your droog, fake body parts and blood (Eg. Alex has fake eyeballs on the cuffs of his shirt). And false eyelashes
- Optional: White Venetian mask with a fallic nose as seen in the most controversial scene of the movie.

Items not Needed:
- Morals and boundaries

To take it a step further and get into character more you can study some NADSAT!

And I just had to mention this other Stanley Kubrick inspired costume idea. If anyone has seen Eyes Wide Shut you can go as if you're one of the participants of "THAT PARTY." The cloaked ones of course. It's like V for Vendetta/Phantom of the Opera but more risque and cryptic.

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