Monday, September 21, 2009

Mix My Granola...THE WAY I LIKE IT.

So a friend of mine is working for this really awesome company called Mix My Granola. And it's actually a pretty awesome idea. You get to make up your own granola from all of these options they give you and then name it and stuff.

There are seriously so many options!

Exciting, yes? It's like being at the grocery store and seeing all of these granola products but they all have that ONE ingredient that makes you want to kill yourself (read: RAISINS). But this way you can get all of the goodness WITHOUT the raisins. It's a win win situation if I don't say so myself.

I'm noticing that businesses like this are pretty common outside of New Orleans. First there was Cold Stone which is the king of custom ice cream things...and New Orleans just got those a few years ago. Then I come to Miami and there's the Cereal Bowl which is the greatest place alive because you can mix all of the combinations of cereal and ingredients. And now Granola!

Can I get a custom hamburger or cupcake business next please?


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