Thursday, March 5, 2009


MORE Daft Punk news!!!

Tron movie poster

Daft Punk will be creating the score for Disney's remake of Tron (appropriately titled TR2N).

The punks have already set up a recording studio for the score. Expect it 2011 (D=), I don't think I can take the wait! It will have been 6 years since their last album in 2011. I wouldn't give a crap about TR2N before, but now it can't NOT be awesome.


TR2N won't be Daft Punk's first time putting their music to a movie. The entire Discovery album (probably my favorite album) has a "visual companion" titled Interstella5555. It's basically a music video movie. It has a plot and characters and character development and everything, it's mad entertaining, and it's set to the WHOLE Discovery album. There's no dialogue or anything, just music and animation. Amazingness.


Interstella5555 is the reason I got into Daft Punk in the first place....It came on TV at 2 AM one day and it was love at first sight. Everyone should check out Interstella5555.

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