Friday, March 13, 2009

Daft Console

Dinosaur has been MIA recently due to an unfortunate laptop mishap (read: laptops suck and shouldn't be so fragile or expensive). But the temporary fix is for her to blog vicariously through me! Or text messagerly...

So I bring THE DAFT PUNK CONSOLE on behalf of Dinosaur.



If you guessed the letters on the console match up to your are CORRECT. And when you press whichever letter, it plays a sound bite from Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

How can you use this?

Well people with Macs can make a musical beat in Garage Band....then somehow (I can't tell you exactly how)...get the daft sounds into your song and make a remix of Harder Better Faster Stronger. Or make a new song with sound bites from Harder Better Faster Stronger.

Or you can quiz your memory and try to replicate the real song as best as possible, making the beat with your mouth or hands or whatever.

Get creative, have fun!

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  1. go to this one

    way more stuff you can do


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