Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grooveshark > Pandora

Pandora's all cool, but sometimes I want to choose what song I wanna hear, when I want to hear it where ever I want to hear it! And sometimes I might forget my ipod at home, or maybe its batteries died, or maybe I don't even have an ipod and all I have available to me is the internet. Yea, we've all been there before. That's what Grooveshark is for. Try it. It's the bomb and so far, there hasn't been a song I couldn't find on there. Best thing is, it's FREE!
Grooveshark. Do it.

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  1. <a href=">Psonar</a> is another worth checking out.

    It's a free cloud-based solution which is focused on allowing users to do more with music that they own, unlike streaming services where you effectively 'rent' the music as long as you continue to subscribe (and hope that the music doesn't get pulled by the copyright owner.)

    With Psonar you can upload the music you own to the cloud, so it's accessible everywhere, from any internet-connected device.

    You can also search and listen to 30 second clips of any other track uploaded to the cloud and buy that music if you like.

    Psonar also provides web-based iTunes-style management so that you can drag and drop tracks to any device that you can connect to a PC via USB. This enables you can have your music on your device when that's best, but also in the cloud. This means it is great for backup, as Ben - one of my team - discovered the other day:

    So - it's perfect if you love your old MP3 player, want to keep your music on an inexpensive memory stick or for when you don't have an internet connection and thus offers you the best of both worlds.

    Finally, by utilising the cloud, we can do what the cloud is great for - discovery and social. We've got basic discovery with lots more innovative discovery and social stuff on the way very soon.


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