Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SketchSite ALERT: Chat Roulette

So a week ago my roommate was reading me this article on Yahoo about this new ~*~*~FAD~*~*~ website, that's all the craze in the world now...or whatever. We hadn't heard anything about it, but it was still this ~*~*~*~HUGE~*~*~*~ thing. So I'm like...."FINE, let's see what the big fcking deal is."

And so we went to Chatroulette.

So to explain the concept of this website, basically you click a button and it randomly puts you in a video chat with a stranger. And then you talk to the person on video, or you can chat on the side window whatever. It's funner with the video. And I have to say, this is a pretty fun past time....once you get past all the peens. You  can actually happen upon some pretty hilarious people:

JO BRO, is dat u?!

Catman? Wat?

OH HEY! Barack.

When we tried it we also found:
- An Australian guy who was Heath Ledger's twin. I swear, I think Heath Ledger might STILL be alive because this kid looked EXACTLY like him. And lived in Australia.
- A Mexican singing troupe that played guitar for us and had dancing inflatable flamingos and squirrels.
- A kid who could be the next Numa Numa guy. (read: He was FAT and gravity was not working well with him).
- A Chinese kid who likes Avril Lavigne, but NOT Lady GaGa because she is too sexy, NBA Basketball, specifically the Lakers, and Al Pacino (The Godfather).....he was obviously into the underground shit.

Anyway, Chatroulette started to become a game for us. Here are some ideas if you ever venture into Chatroulette land:
1. Take a shot anytime you see a peen, boobs or anything sex related. 
2. Or anytime you find someone beating one off yell "DAD?!?!?!?!" into your microphone. Then start asking about their mom and grandmother. Throw in some Holocaust imagery and hope the sick bastard goes to bed crying in shame of what they've done to the internet.
3. Wear a mask of some sort and be generally creepy?
4. Pretend like you speak their native language. (This is especially easy with Italian because you just say things like ESPAGHETTI, FETTUCINE, RAVIOLI, MARIO AND LUIGI, etc) over and over.

And 5, my personal favorite:
Become internet singing stars and sing for the people and make them love you. You can even take requests and become the internet's next top idol.

And that is my review of Chatroulette. It's pretty Lulzy actually. Go forth and cure boredom. And hopefully you can get  a chat with the Jonas Brothers....wtf....

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