Thursday, March 11, 2010



For those who care about the clothes, LIKE MYSELF, here are the designers of the costumes:
  • Lady GaGa first entering jail, the black and white horizontal dress with huge shoulders: Custom made Jean Charles de Castelbajac (GHP: Actually he is one of my favorite designers on this planet right now)
  • Lady GaGa in crime scene tape outfit: Brian Lichtenberg
  • Lady GaGa going onto the blacktop for "recreation time" wearing the jumpsuit with chains: VIKTOR AND ROLF (GHP: Also one of my favorites)
  • Lady GaGa's cigarette sunglasses that were still burning: Haus of GaGa (GHP: Growing the be one of my favorites)
  • Lady GaGa getting the phone call from Beyonce wearing the STUDDED STUNNING leather jacket: Search and Destroy
  • Lady GaGa and dancer's studded bikinis in the hallway dance scene: Haus of GaGa
  • Lady GaGa leaving prison with her fabulous floppy hat that puts all other floppy hats to shame: Thierry Mugler
  • Beyonce's outfit when they are sitting in the car eating a honey bun is also: Thierry Mugler
  • Beyonce at the diner in her shiny yellow tube dress and hat: Atsuko Kudo
  • Beyonce at the diner wearing the black Mickey Mouse sunglasses: Jeremy Scott
  • Lady GaGa's STUNNING blue telephone hat: Fred Butler
  • Lady GaGa's STUNNING telephone HAIR piece: Danilo
  • Lady GaGa in the kitchen wearing the see through dress: Rachel Barrett
  • Lady Gaga does the American flag: Haus of GaGa
  • Beyonce does the American flag/Wonder Woman: Oscar Olima
  • The shoes in the American flag dance sequence: Christian Louboutin (GHP: My ultimate dream shoe)
  • Beyonce on the phone in the blue satin jacket: Jean Charles de Castelbajac
  • Lady GaGa and Beyonce in the draping cowboy hat outfits: Emilie Pirlot
via Lady GaGa's Stylist

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