Friday, August 28, 2009

Arts and Crafts Mamma!

So I've been on this Arts and Crafts kick recently.

I just moved into a new apartment, and a lot of the tables we have are wooden (or fake wooden but still the same effect). And we all know that wet cups + wood tables = RUINED, stained forever! Which is why coasters were invented.

Anyway, I didn't want to buy coasters so instead I'm making my own out of:

PERLER BEADS. AKA Pyssla Beads in Sweden.

Apparently Ikea sells a giant tub of these things for like $6 (SCREW YOU MICHAELS). Naturally I bought it and now I can make coasters in masse and sell them on ebay or something.

Rubik's cube, Super Mario Bros Box, DOMOKUN

I also made a mooninite from ATHF, or the Great Boston Bomb Scare of 2007. Good times.

But it's really cool because I just leave all the tools on my coffee whenever someone visits they can make me cool coasters too! And they work really well as coasters.


Here's my roommate's failed attempt at making something as cool as I did.


Onto my SECOND Arts and Crafts, which I've actually been working on this one for the past year. Being in college and what not, promoters will not LMTFA. And they always slipped these stupid ugly flyers under my door and made me want to kill someone. But I mean, it feels so wasteful to throw them away because they're all glossy and crap, and colorful.

So I started taping them all over my door. And after collecting the flyers for a while it got pretty intense. And I love it.


I mean, look how cool that flyer art is! It's really such a waste of hip, more importantly SUGGESTIVE, art!

I mean look at that BAMF Flyer collage. It's like 4 feet tall now. Saving the planet, one flyer at a time. So the point is that you should recycle your flyers. Make something cool out of them like:
- Wall art (like me)
- I've also seen people make floor mats out of them
- A trash can or something like the rolled up magazine trash cans
- A lamp shade
- If you connect them with metal links they could potentially be a really cool curtain or beaded doorway-esque thing

IDK, the possibilities are endless, REALLY!

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