Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soccer Not Like This, Is Soccer Not Worth Playing

Seriously. I wish with ALL MY HEART, I could do this! IT'S SO COOL.

I don't know how "official" this video is. It's not released by David Guetta's youtube account so....questionable...

At any rate, the song is David Guetta's LATEST! Featuring the great CHRIS WILLIS (read: Vocalist for Love Don't Let Me Go, LOVE IS GONE, Everytime We Touch and Just A Little More Love).

I'd like to call this song the scorned and bitter lover's anthem. And the track is HOT. I can't wait for One Love to come out! David Guetta is a MONSTER this year! I NEED A GLASS OF WATER, PHEW.

My one love: David Guetta. Idk. Well one of twenty...

Just no getting over you DAVID GUETTA!

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