Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nerd Alert Protect Your Skin

Sunscreen: The bane of my existence. Not really...but imagine yourself laying face down in the sand on your extra long, super soft beach towel, waves drowning out all the noises, sun pleasantly warming you, on the verge of having the greatest beach nap ever when: "CAN YOU PUT THIS SUNSCREEN ON MY BACK?" or even worse when someone sprays their SPF 100 into the wind and the COLD sunscreen flyaways blow all over you. And this happens about every 20 minutes. FML.

However, protecting your skin is if you are the over-cautious sunscreen user I introduce to you:


A WRISTBAND THAT TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHEN YOUR SUNSCREEN WEARS OFF. No more reapplications every 20 minutes (hopefully).

How does it work?
Well you put on your sunscreen, then you put some of the same sunscreen on the bracelet. Then the bracelet changes colors as the sunscreen becomes less effective at blocking UV rays.

And is it reasonable?
At $4 for a 7 pack I hope everyone and their family buys some. And free shipping with Amazon Prime (which IF YOU ARE A STUDENT YOU GET AMAZON PRIME FOR A YEAR FOR FREE).

Mood ring of the 21st century.

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