Sunday, August 15, 2010

Honor the new Tron Movie: Turn your Bike into a Light Cycle

Damn I can't wait for Tron to come out.

The Night Bright Tyre comes with LED lights built into the rubber of the tire. When the wheels are spinning you get the stunning Tron ring of light effect. Perhaps if your legs can go fast enough you can also leave a trail of light behind you. In addition to your bike looking like a BAMF the tires are also good for safety and that other irrelevant nonsense.

The tires aren't for sale YET, but I'll take a pair when they come out.

Check out the official website

Now if you're feeling crafty it is possible to put LED lights on your bike yourself (probably won't look as slick or stunning at the Night Bright Tyre but in the darkness does it really matter?)

Oh Sh-

Spoke POV DIY: Labor intensive and you need some knowledge of wiring and programming and stuff that is generally confusing BUT you get a BAMF end result.

I've seen those at Walgreens!

You can also buy Valve Caps for your wheels that are LEDs, however just having one LED in your wheel means you'll have to pedal faster for the Tron effect. Cheap and easy though.

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