Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 5 Josh Horowitz After Hours Interviews

If you've never heard of After Hours with Josh Horowitz, remedy that. Literally the only celebrity interviews worth watching. Here are 5 of my favorites that I watch over and over when having a bad day.

5. Empire State of Mind with Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe
This one is so great because if you've spent any time in NYC, you can understand the questions and it's great realizing Danial Radcliffe loves the same places you visit! (Two Boots, I'm looking at you).

4. Would You Rather? with Shia LeBouf

There's just something about making Shia uncomfortable. His mannerisms are perfect.

3. Chanukuh Special with ScarJo and Matt Damon
Love seeing Matt Damon in the hot seat because he has this all-knowing, poised air about him. But he's really just a normal, awesome guy.

2. Adorable Things with Michael Shannon
IN HONOR OF MAN OF STEEL (because he shut shit down as General Zod). I absolutely ADORE this ADORABLE Michael Shannon. He's also great in Take Shelter (great movie).

1. Hey Girl with Ryan Gosling
Anyone who can make Ryan Gosling laugh like this deserves the Nobel Prize.

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