Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 Delicious Breakfast Smoothies and a Pro-Tip for Making Them

It is actually very difficult to make a good smoothie. We've all tried it. You know, toss some strawberries and bananas into a blender. Add some milk or something. Blend it. Then be disappointed at how unsatisfying it is.

Which is why I POUNCE on every smoothie recipe I can find. Having no culinary bone in my body, I need other people to tell me what to put in my smoothies!

This Article from the great people of Buzz Feed is about to transform my freezer. Storing all of the ingredients in a zip lock baggie? GENIUS. Even better that they include 8 recipes to start you out!

As an added bonus here is my very precise Jamba Juice's Mango-A-Go-Go recipe (because it's the only thing that matters at Jamba Juice) and it's a delicious snack:

For 1 serving

Like 5 pieces of frozen mango cubes
Like 5 pieces of frozen pineapple cubes
Like 5 pieces of ice
Fruit juice that has passion fruit juice in it
Optional: Protein Powder

Combine errything in a blender. Pour juice until it's like half an inch from the top of the frozen stuff. You'll know if you've used enough juice because if you haven't, the smoothie will just kind of sit in the blender even though it's running. (If this happens just add more juice). And there we have it. Mango-A-Go-Go for a fraction of the price!

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